Flixton co-op Easter eggs in December
Flixton co-op Easter eggs in December

Easter Eggs spotted in Flixton Co-op just DAYS after Christmas

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Now we all know the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus’ birthday), and also what follows a few months later (the resurrection of Christ).

And even though we enjoy the over commercialisation of the traditional Christian holidays (think chocolate and gifts), one supermarket has taken it a step too far, and it’s not even January yet.

On Sunday, while shopping in his local Co-op in Flixton, Trafford, a shocked shopper (who wished to remain anonymous) spotted a display of…no, not Valentine’s Day cards…but Easter Eggs.

He said: “There’s Easter eggs out already. And hot cross buns!”

Christmas may now be a mere twinkle in the eye for some, but while many people are still finishing off their selection boxes, the Co-op appears to have started with their preparations for Easter, which is three and a half months away!

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