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Calling all runners why don’t you sign up to the Vitality Running World Cup a free virtual running event for everyone

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Fancy joining in on one of the biggest virtual running events ever?

You are invited to sign up to join in on this virtual event in which you will have to do a 3K run in 30 minutes with a special app that will calculate both your time and distance.

Everyone aged 13 and above can join in and for free, it does not matter how fast you can run so long as you do your half hour.

The special app is for iOS and Android so you will need a smartphone to participate.

For a country to qualify it will need to be in the top 16 in week 1 which starts from midnight March 5th to 11.59pm on the 6th 2020.

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Italy passes law to send unsold food to charities instead of dumpsters why can’t we

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supermarket surplus food
supermarket surplus food

Italy passes law to send unsold food to charities instead of dumpsters

Italy is introducing a series of incentives to end food waste. Instead of throwing away leftover food, Italy wants businesses that sell food to donate unsold to charities rather than throw it away.

The environmental, economic and moral benefits are so clear that the bill received broad support across all political parties and is speeding through the approval process. The next step will be getting businesses to comply, providing some sort of nudge to change the current model of careless waste.

Other countries such as France are nudging businessesĀ in the form of a steep fine.

Some supermarkets in the uk do it voluntarily but it should become law now with all the food waste.

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