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Mum’s praise for paramedics who came to the aid of poorly son, 10, who collapsed on bathroom floor

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Nice note from ambulance crew and facebook post
Nice note from ambulance crew and facebook post

A mum has praised the ambulance service after staff went the extra mile when her son collapsed at home.

Angie Brown dialled 999 after 10-year-old Noah passed out on the bathroom floor early Saturday evening.

With the youngster’s temperature soaring to 42, the operator stayed on the line until the ambulance arrived.

Once paramedics got there, Angie says they were ‘fantastic with Noah’ – reassuring him every step of the way.

And when she finally made it into a cubicle with him at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, waiting for her was a brew and a note written on a napkin saying: “From ambulance crew, merry xmas.”

In a Facebook post praising the pair, Angie, from Clayton, said: “I know they won’t see this but tonight we had to call an ambulance for Noah after his temperature went up to 42 and he passed out on the bathroom floor.

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Birth, deaths and Frank Sinatra in the back of the ambulance: On the roads at Christmas with a Manchester paramedic

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Amy price paramedic (Image ABNM Photography)
Amy price paramedic (Image ABNM Photography)

“What other job can you drive around with your mate, for 12 hours a day in an ambulance, singing things and picking people up off the floor?”

“I can deal with blood and vomit.

“My thing is snot, I can’t be dealing with it”, Amy Price says with deadpan delivery.

“I can’t do it.

“But then my regular crew mate can and she can’t be doing with other things, so we just like swap”, she laughs.

“You just kind of get on with it.”

The paramedic, wearing her dark green uniform, is sat in the back of an ambulance at Salford Station.

She’s friendly, with a steely resolve.

It’s easy to imagine her stepping up to the plate without batting an eyelid in a life-threatening situation.

The 32-year-old often glosses over what – from the outside –  seem like challenging scenarios to be in,

shrugging it off as part of the job.

How did she feel when she first went out on a major incident?

“I remember my first cardiac arrest, but I was with a really good technician.

“They are amazing, they are worth their weight in gold.

“It was a bit daunting, but you just remember training.

“You practise so much for it.

“You go on autopilot.”

The 32-year-old can’t remember anything about that particular job, other than that it involved an elderly person.

“It’s our bread and butter”, she says.

“We can deal with cardiac arrest, we do them a lot”, she adds.

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Manchester mayor Andy Burnham moved by donation to his charity for homeless people

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Andy Burnhams Homeless charity donation
Andy Burnhams Homeless charity donation

Andy Burnham was caught off guard when he received a cheque for £200 for The Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Charity

Christmas is the time of year when most of us eat too much, drink too much, watch too much TV and generally overindulge.

It’s also the time of year when some people think about those who are less fortunate and like to volunteer their time or make a donation to a local charity or good cause.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham was caught off guard when he received a cheque for £200 for The Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Charity.

Not because the charity doesn’t receive lots of donations but because it was from an elderly couple who had decided to donate their winter fuel allowance, a non-means tested payment to help with heating costs, to the charity because they didn’t need the money.

Mayor Burnham was so moved he decided to tweet about it he wrote.

Have a read of this letter which I received the other day. Does the heart good in these dark times. God bless them both & the generous people of Greater Manchester. You can help here > 2/2

According to Shelter, more than 5,000 people will be homeless in Manchester over Christmas. Last year, 19 homeless people died, making Manchester the city with the third-highest mortality rate in the country.

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Meet the 6 year-old star of a heartwarming Christmas video from a Manchester taxi company

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A Christmas video from a Manchester taxi company featuring a little boy with Down’s Syndrome is proving to be a big hit on social media

It’s not just the dodgy jumpers covered in reindeer and snow which have become a Christmas tradition in the last few years.

So have Christmas TV ads, with Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot the pick of the bunch this year.

Now a Christmas video from a Manchester taxi company is proving to be a big hit on social media.

In the video, a little boy with Downs Syndrome is at home with his family practising his lines for the school nativity play later that night, only for the family car to break down on the way and put his performance in jeopardy.

But taxi heroes Street Cars come to the rescue and the child and his parents are delivered to their destination.

The child is played by 6 year-old Stephen Lundon, who seems to have found his calling following an extremely difficult start to life.

For the first seven months of his life, he was confined to hospital undergoing a battery of tests, with his parents living in constant fear that any day might be their last with their precious son.

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You should not have Amazon Alexa in these Two Rooms – and how to control what it listens to

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Amazon has explained how recordings are used and how to opt-out

Amazon’s Alexa can feel part of the family as you head to the device for answers to all of your woes.

But gadget fans are likely to worry about how much their smart-speaker really listens, without the user realising.

Mathematician and expert on tech company algorithms, Dr Hannah Fry, recently urged Alexa owners to banish the device from the bedroom, and to limit the voice-activated assistant to certain rooms because they ‘record for a short period aftwards.’

“I think there are some spaces in your home, like the bedroom and bathroom, which should remain completely private”, the associate professor at University College London told MailOnline.

“This technology is activated by a trigger word [such as ‘Alexa’] but it keeps recording for a short period afterwards. People accept that, but we should all spend more time thinking about what it means for us.”

The 35-year-old academic warned there are people ‘very senior in tech’ who will not have ‘so much as a smartphone in their bedroom’.

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Franco Manca’s 40,000 Pizza Pledge for the Homeless

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Franco Manca Christmas Pledge
Franco Manca Christmas Pledge

Recently, Manchester received their own branch of the well-loved, London-born Franco Manca. Their pizza is authentic, puritan and delicious – but their sourdough offerings aren’t the only contribution the chain is making to the Manchester community…

Over the past few years, Franco Manca has championed a Christmas initiative that pledges donations of up to 40,000 pizzas to the homeless during the month of December. This use of surplus dough not only acknowledges the problem of homelessness with compassion but also ameliorates the growing problem of sustainability and food wastage in the hospitality industry.

As well as this incredible pledge, Franco Manca staff in selected pizzerias have even opted to work on Christmas Day itself to make fresh sourdough pizzas for those without warmth or comfort.

Javed Akhtar, the Operations Director at Franco Manca,  expressed how proud the company were to “help those most in need for months to come” and how committed they were to their aim to “limit food waste across the business.” He even commented that other restaurants in the UK should focus on these targets in the vein of becoming more socially and environmentally conscious as companies.

If this weren’t incredible enough, the company this year have decided to turn their Christmas initiative into an all-year pledge! From 2020 onwards,

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Aldi need your help they have promised to give free food to the ‘less fortunate’ on Christmas Eve

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The supermarket will be giving food to those in need at a time when food banks are at a record high

Aldi has promised to give free food to people who really need it after stores close on Christmas Eve.

The supermarket has issued a plea asking organisations to come and collect surplus food and redistribute it for ‘less fortunate’ individuals.

They believe 20 to 30 crates of unsold fresh food will be available from each store on December 24.

In a statement, bosses said: “Aldi is offering local organisations the opportunity to receive surplus food from their stores on the afternoon of Christmas Eve,” reports the Mirror.

“As Aldi stores will shut at 4pm on Christmas Eve until December 27, they will have a variety of good quality surplus food products that they will wish to redistribute in support of less fortunate individuals and to prevent food going to waste.

“Aldi is unable to deliver products, so it would be essential that your organisation is able to collect.

“They will expect the level of food available to vary, however, estimations of around 20 to 30 crates will be expected from each store.”

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New study finds Manchester is one of the greenest cities in the UK,

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Manchester outstrips the capital to be ranked as one of the UK’s top five greenest cities

Manchester is one of the greenest cities in the UK, a new study has found.

It has been ranked as the fifth in a list of the UK’s greenest cities, coming in behind Bristol, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff. London, meanwhile, ranked at 26th on the list.

The study, commissioned by Compare The Market, analysed factors such as recycling, air quality, parks and green spaces in 34 UK cities.

It also looked at the online eco-friendly searches per 10,000 population. Local data counts for the majority of the ranking.

Cardiff and Swansea were found to have the highest recycling rate with 57.1% of waste generated recycled, whilst the worst recyclers were in Bournemouth and Birmingham.

For green space, Luton has the most parks, with six parks for every 10,000 people. This was followed by Swansea and Brighton and Hove.

Manchester, by comparison, came in at just under three parks per 10,000 people.

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Peaky Blinders Bar in Manchester is throwing a roaring twenties party – and you’re invited

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Peaky-Blinders-New Years Eve Roaring 20s Party
Peaky-Blinders-New Years Eve Roaring 20s Party

Grab your flat caps and polish your pearls, because Manchester’s Peaky Blinders bar is throwing one hell of shindig this New Year’s Eve.

If you fancy ending the decade in roaring twenties style surrounded by some incredible TV show lookalikes and gorgeous flapper girls, this is the place to be.

They’ll be giving away a bottle of fizz to the best dressed, so get those waistcoats, pocket watches, feathers and pearls on order.

On the music front, the incredible Izzie Walsh band will take you through the first part of the night with her contemporary bluegrass and country stylings.

And as the night winds on, the ever-popular Amstrads will take over accompanied by a brass band.

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The weird and wonderful story of the doctor from Trafford and police officer from Ramsbottom who quit their jobs to form magic double act

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The Mancunians who turned their back on being a doctor and policeman to set up sold out magical cabaret shows Sam-Fitton-31-and-Aaron-Calvert-28-performers-in-The-Vanishing-Cabaret
The Mancunians who turned their back on being a doctor and policeman to set up sold out magical cabaret shows Sam-Fitton-31-and-Aaron-Calvert-28-performers-in-The-Vanishing-Cabaret

The two friends ditched conventional careers for a new night of entertainment in the city

“Everyone thinks magic and they think top hats, rabbits, all of those stereotypes, whereas this is more than that, this is about showing how magic can be cool, sexy, interesting, funny and can give you a great night out”, said Sam Fritton, one half of the ‘Vanishing Cabaret’.

Sam, 31, from Ramsbottom and Aaron Calvert, 28, from Stretford , quit their professions – as a police officer and doctor respectively – to follow their ambitions of becoming full-time performers.

The friends had separately put on magic shows since their early teens but as grade A students, both went on to pursue the conventional careers that their parents had hoped for.

“Performing all the way through university helped pay my way through med school to an extent”, Aaron said.

Aaron first fell in love with magic at 8-years-old, after watching a magician perform at a holiday park where he was staying with his family.

His grandma then bought him a magic trick, which involved tying ropes around the hand of someone holding a box, and when pulled, it appeared as though the ropes were moving through the person’s hand.

“I performed it for my gran and the look of wonder and amazement on her face – that’s what sold me on the idea of performing – that I could give someone that moment of wonder from this little piece of magic.”

Before Vanishing Cabaret was formed, Aaron and Sam were already in the spotlight, having created a Channel 4 special, Hello Stranger.

In that, they erased a couple’s memory and sent them on a first date to see if they would fall back in love.

The couple went on three dates each – one with each other and two with singletons, where they then had to choose out of the three dates who they’d like to see again, and luckily they chose each other.

“It was truly amazing to see this couple who had been together for four-and-a-half-years spending pretty much everyday with each other to literally meet and not recognise each other and to have the boring chats you would do on a first date; like ‘where are you from? What do you like to do?’ etc – it was amazing to watch those moments of chemistry start afresh”, said Aaron.

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