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University of Manchester students run 24 hours for homeless charity

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University of Manchester 24 hr Runners
University of Manchester 24 hr Runners

Students at the University of Manchester ran non-stop for 24 hours in aid of those sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester.

The Manchester 24 Hour Run Against Homelessness, hosted by the Run Wild Manchester society, saw students run through the city on a mapped out course for 24 hours straight. The run started on the 13th of November and finished at midday on the 14th.

Run Wild Manchester managed to more than double their £1000 target for the charity, with the current total standing at £2234 and still rising. There were 309 runners who took part across the two days with 215km completed in total, making this the biggest event that Run Wild Manchester has put on to date.

The event raised money for the Mayor’s Charity, which will support the A Bed Every Night Scheme. The charity works to ensure that no-one sleeps rough on the streets of Manchester and aims to change the mindset of those that just ‘walk on by’ people sleeping rough by encouraging social action.

continue reading at https://mancunion.com/https://mancunion.com/2019/11/14/university-students-run-24-hours-for-homeless-charity/

LEGO Art Exhibition Is Coming To Manchester

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Globally renowned touring exhibition, The Art of the Brick, will take up residency at the Great Northern Warehouse.

Heralded by CNN as a global ‘must-see exhibition’, The Art of the Brick returns to the UK after five years touring around the world.

More than 75 pieces of art will feature at the exhibition, which opens its doors on November 22. The exhibition focuses exclusively on the use of LEGO bricks as an art form, with Los Angeles-based artist Nathan Sawaya creating pieces of art ranging from 3D sculptures to oversized portraits.

Mr Sawaya said:

“I like using LEGO bricks as a medium because I enjoy seeing people’s reaction to artwork created from something with which they are familiar.

“My goal is to elevate this simple plaything to a place it has never been before. I also appreciate the cleanliness of the LEGO® brick.

“The right angles. The distinct lines. But, from a distance, those right angles and distinct lines offer new perspectives, changing to curves.”

A spokesman for The Art of The Brick said seeing this exhibition will forever change your view of what these little bricks can achieve. Many of its key pieces have much to say about our world and how art relates to it. The exhibition has wowed audiences all over the world and is coming to Manchester after a five-year gap since it’s phenomenal London run. continue reading at https://secretmanchester.com/https://secretmanchester.com/art-of-the-brick/

This is what the judge told ‘appalling’ Stuart Potts as he jailed him for launching fireworks at Remembrance Sunday event

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Potts, 38, said he had been ‘told’ to let the explosive off above the crowd to mimic the way gun shots are set off in London

A judge said a squatter who let off fireworks at a Remembrance Sunday event showed a ‘lack of respect’ and displayed ‘appalling behaviour’ as he locked him up.

Stuart Potts, 38, was jailed for 16 weeks at Manchester Magistrates Court today (Monday, November 11) after pleading guilty to one count of throwing fireworks in a public place and one count of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

He set off fireworks from the window of the Albert Edward pub in Eccles just as the crowd who had gathered at the nearby cenotaph were about to begin a two-minute silence.

The dad-of-four said he had been ‘told’ to let the explosive off above the crowd to mimic the way gun shots are set off in London.

continue reading at https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/stuart-potts-fireworks-remembrance-sunday-17238860

Inside the new Manchester pet hospital where thousands of people could get cut-price vets care

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PDSA Gorton
PDSA Gorton

It’s revealed that 70,000 pet owners in Manchester could be eligible for help with vets bills as £2.4m facility opens in Belle Vue

More than 70,000 families in Manchester could be eligible for help with vets bills, an animal charity has said, as they open a new pet hospital.

The brand new facility in Gorton welcomed its first sick and injured animals last week.

It was officially opened by Mojo, the former police explosives dog who was awarded the animal equivalent of the OBE.

The brand new £2.4 million centre, the largest of its kind in the country, is run by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) and was paid for entirely by donations.

Founded by Maria Dickin in 1917, during the First World War, the charity provides veterinary care for animals owned by those who may not be able to afford private vets bills.

continue reading at https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/manchester-pet-hospital-new-vet-17202831

Paddy McGuinness slams ‘ignorant tool’ for challenging him over parking in a disabled space

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Paddy McGuinness
Paddy McGuinness

The Take Me Out host has children with autism

Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness has slammed the ‘ignorant tool’ who took him to task for using a disabled parking space on a trip out with his children.

Paddy and his wife Christine have six-year-old twins Leo and Penelope who have autism and a three-year-old daughter Felicity who they believe is also on the autistic spectrum.

The Bolton comic says he was dropping his kids off at a play centre and had the relevant disability badges on display when he was challenged by a stranger.

He tweeted: “Just had a deep breathe and walk away moment. Dropped my little ones off at a play centre.

“Parked in a disability space while they got out. Had all our relevant disability badges on display only for some b***end to come over and tell us that we don’t look disabled?”

He continued: “I took a deep breathe and sent my children in. Luckily they didn’t understand what was going on.

“Once they’d happily gone in I approached this ignorant tool.

“All I wanted to do was bounce him off every car but there would only be one loser in that, me! #ignorance”

continue reading at https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/showbiz-news/paddy-mcguinness-slams-ignorant-tool-17193358

15 Things To Do In Manchester In November 2019 To Cheer us up

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Christmas Markets
Christmas Markets

Remember remember…there’s so much more to November than Bonfire Night.

November can be a difficult month, it’s cold and dark and still a bit too early to start on the mulled wine… Unless you live in Manchester where Christmas starts as soon as the markets arrive, which means it’s totally acceptable to have a mulled wine on your lunch break. And if you’re not quite ready to get in the festive spirit, there’s a whole host of cold-weather friendly events happening in Manchester this month.

1. Visit the Christmas Markets (from November 8)

The time is almost upon us. Traders from across the North West and Europe are preparing to descend on Albert Square, as Manchester is set to transform into the UK’s Christmas capital next Friday (November 8). The markets will see the city filled with international food and drink, provided by Manchester’s finest street food vendors and crafters.  As well as more than 300 stalls, beautifully festooned (any excuse to use that word) chalets which will be spread across the city centre and the famous windmill bars  Albert Square.

continue reading at https://secretmanchester.com/https://secretmanchester.com/things-to-do-november/

Déjà-Review: Classic Film Singin’ in the Rain coming to HOME Cinema Manchester 28th Dec

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Singin in the rain 1952
Singin in the rain 1952

Given its reputation as one of the most iconic films from Hollywood’s Golden Age, Singin’ in the Rain’s return to cinemas as a part of the BFI’s musicals season provides a unique opportunity to see one of cinema’s greatest musicals on the big screen.

With incredible musical sequences ranging from the tender ‘You Were Meant For Me’ to the brilliantly funny ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ and ‘Moses Supposes’ standing alongside a thoughtful reflection on the purpose and power of cinema, the film strikes a perfect balance of comedy and romance to produce an utterly spellbinding piece of cinema.

Originally conceived by MGM producer Arthur Freed as a production to showcase his musical back catalogue, the film stars Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor and chronicles the end of the silent film era.

In particular it focuses on Don Lockwood (Kelly), a silent star who initially struggles with the transition to sound. Don, with the help of best friend Cosmo Brown (O’Connor) and love interest Kathy Selden (Reynolds), is able to convince the studio employing him to convert their first disastrous attempt at a “talkie” into a musical, thus saving both the film and his acting career. continue reading at https://mancunion.com/https://mancunion.com/2019/10/30/deja-review-singin-in-the-rain/

Manchester city council makes right decision and drops plans to fine rough sleepers

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A controversial measure announced as part of a proposed crackdown on anti-social behaviour but has been dropped after more than 2,000 people voiced concerns.

Earlier in the year, Manchester council faced a backlash after revealing plans to fine rough sleepers £100 for ‘aggressive or intimidating’ begging.

An eight-week public consultation on the proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) has revealed the move to be highly unpopular.

Despite almost half of respondents commenting that begging had a ‘detrimental impact on their quality of life’, most people did not agree with the council’s proposal. continue reading at https://ilovemanchester.com/ https://ilovemanchester.com/manchester-council-drops-plans-rough-sleepersfter-locals-voice-concern/

This Years Manchester Christmas Markets are back – here’s when and where it all goes live

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The festive wooden huts are back in Manchester – here’s when and where the Christmas Markets will all go live, including 2019 map and locations

The familiar wooden huts are back in Manchester city centre as construction gets underway for the annual Christmas Markets to launch.

And for 2019 there will be new locations to get your fill of gluhwein, giant sausages and plenty of local treats, too.

The first signs of construction have been spotted in Manchester city centre this week, as council bosses get ready for the grand opening of this year’s festive markets on Friday, November 8th.

The markets will open on that day from 10am, and will then run on right up until December 21st across the city centre.

continue reading at https://ilovemanchester.com https://ilovemanchester.com/manchester-christmas-markets-map-times-location/

The Manchester Opera House gives visually impaired and their guide dogs a night at the theatre watching & Juliet

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Registered blind individuals were given the opportunity to experience the new musical

& Juliet wearing new smart glasses that allowed them to see the entire performance.

Participants with ‘tunnel vision’ also known as ‘peripheral vision loss’ entered a competition to experience the show using new smart glasses technology which allowed them to see the entire musical & Juliet before its West End debut. In addition, a further 10 registered blind winners were given an exclusive touch tour which allowed them to feel the props, costumes and meet the cast – followed by the Opera House’s fantastic audio description accessibility option.

Kevin Crompton, 48 from Manchester who has lost 95% of his vision and describes his remaining sight as “looking through pin hole”, commented on the performance and said: “It was very emotional putting the glasses on for the first time in the theatre, usually I wouldn’t be able to see the stage, but I was able to follow the entire story and see the full stage and all of the characters. Sight loss doesn’t mean having to give up on life, it means doing life differently – this is exactly what OXSIGHT are doing for people.”

continue reading at https://aboutmanchester.co.uk https://aboutmanchester.co.uk/manchester-opera-house-gives-visually-impaired-and-their-guide-dogs-a-night-at-the-theatre/

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