Trafford Centre Boxing Day Queues
Trafford Centre Boxing Day Queues

Boxing Day sales divide shoppers as people queue at the crack of dawn for bargains

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While many consumers rushed to stores at the crack of dawn this morning, others aren’t so convinced

Love it or hate it, bargain hunting has become a Boxing Day tradition in its own right, and for years shoppers have been bagging themselves some serious reductions as stores slash prices by over 50 per cent to mark the end of Christmas.

But while many consumers rushed to stores at the crack of dawn this morning, others aren’t so convinced, and have been left questioning exactly why anybody would want to set their alarms quite so early on Boxing Day – instead calling for retail workers to be allowed to spend time with their families.

Posting on Twitter, many shoppers have been calling for stores to take inspiration from the likes of John Lewis and Home Bargains, and remain shut on 26 December so staff can enjoy time with their families.

One disgruntled shopper said: “Why can’t sales wait until after the Christmas holidays. The festive period is to be with family and friends. It should be made mandatory that businesses close on Christmas Day and Boxing Day at least.”

Another added: “I will not be going to the shops & #boxingdaysales . As someone that use to work in retail for many years, I think the shops should be closed today. Lets be honest we can surely manage for 2 days.”

Somebody else vented: “Shopping today? YOU are the reason staff have to work rather than being with family and friends If “you’re just out for a walk” go to the park If “you just want to get out of the house” spare a thought for those who would like to be at home but can’t coz of YOU! #boxingdaysales .”

“As someone who used to have to work the #boxingdaysales I’ve always boycotted them. Shoutout to those poor s*ds in retail who only had one day off at Christmas,” said another empathetic social media user.

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